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Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Energy Drinks

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Energy Drinks

Most people have tried a traditional energy drink or know someone who has. Perhaps you’re a seasoned energy drink guzzler and rely on the sweet stuff to get you through whatever the day throws at you. However, there are downsides associated with energy drink consumption due to the high levels of artificial caffeine and sugars packed into them. Unwelcome effects include headaches, agitation, heart palpitations, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

What if you want to experience the positive effects of energy drinks without the nasty effects? Cue the wonderful world of natural energy drinks! Made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial nastiness commonly found in traditional drinks, natural energy drinks are paving the way for a healthier, cleaner alternative.
Read on for a list of commonly asked questions about natural energy drinks answered.



How Are Natural Energy Drinks Different From Standard Energy Drinks?


Unlike standard energy drinks, natural energy drinks don’t contain any synthetic stimulants, chemicals, flavours, or colours. They typically contain a natural blend of herbs, fruit juices, and are packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that are good for the mind and body. This combination means natural energy drinks deliver a sustained boost without sugar and energy crashes.


Are Natural Energy Drinks Good For You?


If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to standard energy drinks, then natural energy drinks are the way to go. These drinks are usually packed full of B vitamins and brain-boosting nootropics and don’t contain any added sugar. This makes them lighter on calories and the waistline than other options.


What Are The Ingredients To Look Out For?


There is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect natural drink for you. At Go Mate, we believe there are a few superhero ingredients to look out for in your quest for the ideal natural energy drink.

Yerba mate is the magical ingredient in our drinks. It’s a South American tea made from the yerba mate plant. It is naturally sugar-free, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols to support health. Yerba mate is a brain booster and can help improve concentration and focus.

Natural energy drinks are often blended with plant-based nootropics which can have a positive effect on the mind. Gotu Kola and Maca Root are popular choices for energising the brain and improving cognition, while the use of Lemon Balm to relax and unwind is also a top pick.


What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Natural Energy Drinks?


The number one benefit of drinking natural energy drinks is that they contain no artificial ingredients that can be harmful to the mind and body. This means that jitters, racing heartbeat, headaches, and energy slumps are distant memories.
Here are some of the core benefits of drinking natural energy drinks:

Better focus: Improved mental clarity and focus is a big benefit associated with natural energy drinks. This will allow you to achieve everything you need, whether in the office, the gym, or a virtual gaming world.

Improved mood: Natural energy drinks have a gentle and sustained effect on the drinker, which helps to boost mood in some cases and increase your productivity. You won’t feel uneasy thanks to unwanted jitters, and you won’t experience the devastating lows of a sugar crash comedown, which will help keep your mood on the right track.

Lowers stress: As natural energy drinks can be enjoyed to boost focus, this will help reduce your stress levels as you’ll be more productive during work and play.


Do Natural Energy Drinks Affect Sleep? 


It’s a common conception that traditional energy drinks can cause insomnia and lead to problems sleeping. Although natural energy drinks give you an energy hit and help you maintain better focus, they do not generally negatively impact sleep. When you select an energy drink with yerba mate, the good news is that this super plant contains B vitamins and magnesium that are sleep-friendly.


Are They Safe?


Natural energy drinks are perfectly safe to drink. It is important to enjoy them in moderation as some do contain quantities of caffeine which could have detrimental effects if consumed in excess. It is safe to drink up to 11 cans of Go Mate per day.


What Do They Taste Like?


Natural energy drinks taste more like iced tea than the traditional energy drinks you might be used to. There’s no fizz, sugar, or artificial flavourings, so they may take a bit of getting used to if standard energy drinks are your go-to. One thing is for certain: natural energy drinks will leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed.

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