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Awake front can
Power-up for sustained performance:
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Awake front can
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Awake front can
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Go Mate is a healthy and low-calorie Yerba Mate energy drink for anyone looking for optimal brain performance.
Inspired by esports athletes who rely on top-notch brain performance for sustained focus during extended gameplay, our blend of natural nootropics and fruits is designed to help you stay focused for extended periods of time. Experience the power of all-natural ingredients with Go Mate's refreshing blend of natural brain-boosting nootropics and yerba mate extract, delicately infused with natural passionfruit and lemon flavours to tantalise your taste buds. Switch out artificial additives and sugar-loaded drinks for a healthier, low-calorie option that can help boost your mind and promote natural relaxation.
What's in the can?
Organic Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate is a traditional herbal tea made from the stems and leaves of the South American yerba mate plant. It contains a long list of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are vital for brain & heart health. It is naturally low in calories, is sugar-free, and contains naturally occurring caffeine to give your mind and body a boost.
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Natural Nootropics
Nootropics are medicinal substances that can help improve cognitive function, learning, focus, creativity, and memory by boosting your brain pathways. Our 100% natural nootropics have been carefully selected for their natural brain-hacking properties – whether that’s to get your brain and body firing on all cylinders or to help you to unwind and relax.
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