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For a healthy power-down: recharge, unwind & rebalance

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Looking for Awake or Balance?
A soothing blend of passion fruit, Yerba Mate infusion and naturally stress-relieving nootropics, it’s the seriously chilled-out Go Mate that allows you to flick the switch on your metabolism’s recovery mode - giving you the edge for the next gaming challenge.
Yerba Mate infusion
Valerian Root
Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Lemon Balm
Passion Fruit Juice
Grape Juice
Stevia Tea infusion
Every elite athlete needs to prioritise rest and recovery - especially digital athletes like you. Our perfectly blended, 100% natural ingredients are designed to help your mind and body regain balance & find a healthy calm after an intense session.

Yerba Mate - to promote relaxation, improved mood & sleep health.
Valerian Root - to decrease stress, anxiety & promote better sleep.
Tulsi (Holy Basil) - for boosting mood & improving memory.
Lemon Balm - to improve focus and cognition, reduce stress & promote calm.
Passion Fruit Juice - for a healthy dose of nutrients and antioxidants.
5-7 Business Days
Sorry Mate! At the moment, we do not ship to Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland.

Check out the incredible feedback we’re getting already. Thanks mum, you’re the best!

We’re here to help you be the master of your 24/7, so we’ve made Relax the yin to Awake’s yang. The Peter to its Parker. The PU to its BG. The Grand Theft to its Au.. you get the idea. They work together in harmony for total awesomeness - balancing your mind and body, guiding you through your epic gaming journey - and we’d be nothing without both.
Elite gaming performance is all about balance, and let’s face it: even the best athletes are feeling the burn at the end of a long session. Relax helps you unplug, decompress and recover quicker - because you can’t compete if you don’t turn up. We blend all-natural brain-friendly nootropics, stress-relieving botanicals, and (as always) our secret weapon, Yerba Mate infusion, to help you restore mind and body to end-of-level boss status, ASAP!
Friends look out for each other, and there’s a reason Go Mate is the gamer’s best mate. We’re not here to help you ride out all those energy crashes that usually go hand-in-hand with longer gaming sessions: we’re here to stop them happening in the first place. The natural Yerba Mate and Valerian Root in our Relax drink are perfect for promoting proper rest and deeper sleep - meaning you’ll be fresher, faster and more focused when you log on next time. Happy days!


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