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What are Nootropics?

Often referred to as 'smart drugs' or 'cognitive enhancers', Nootropics are substances designed to enhance cognitive performance by boosting the pathways in the brain that control mental functions - like memory, learning, attention, alertness and creativity.

AWAKE - Focus Longer

The synergistic blend of Maca Root and Cacao Husk in Go Mate offers a balanced, sustained boost, ideal for periods where extended mental focus and alertness are required. It combines the benefits of improved cognitive function with overall wellness, making it perfect for tasks that demand high mental performance.

RELAX - Recover Stronger

The combination of Gotu Kola and Lemon Balm in Go Mate aids in unwinding and recuperating efficiently after periods of mental or physical exertion. It's designed to soothe the mind, enhance cognitive recovery, and promote overall relaxation.

More than just a drink

By combining natural cognitive enhancers that focus on both mental performance and relaxation, Go Mate offers a well-rounded approach to brain health and general well-being. Whether it's for intense focus or recovery from mental fatigue, Go Mate provides the necessary support for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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