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We blend with natural botanicals from all over the world. Like Bacopa Monnieri from Africa, Holy Basil (tulsi) from Southeast Asia. They’re part of a group of naturally occurring plants called nootropics which do wonders for your brain. These versatile little plants and herbs give our all-natural Go Mate energy drinks an even bigger dose of brain-boosting goodness, so gamers like you can think, move and react quicker than an Elden Ring star on release day!


Nootropics can enhance cognitive performance by boosting the pathways in the brain that control mental functions - like memory, learning, attention, alertness and creativity. Some research even shows that they can protect against neurodegenerative diseases. So whether you need to improve your productivity, boost your brain power or simply be able to play with more focus and efficiency, make Go Mate your deliciously brain-friendly best mate.

So here’s what we use:

Rhodiola Rosea
to improve cognition, memory and learning
Bacopa Monnieri
for memory and neuroprotection
Valerian root
to decrease stress, anxiety and promote better sleep
Holy Basil (tulsi)
for boosting mood and improving memory
Lemon balm
to improve focus and cognition, reduce stress and promote calm

These incredible plants are a key part of our unique mission to build a healthy, happy community of gamers worldwide - and that means you, mate!

Our 100% natural nootropic ingredients are the perfect way to get your synapses firing on all cylinders, and start your brain on its journey to gaming enlightenment! Namaste!

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