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Power up or power down - take control of your 24/7!

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Looking for Awake or Relax?
If you can’t decide between our Awake or Relax drinks, don’t panic! Look no further than our Balance bundle, which combines our two flagship natural functional drinks, and offers you the best of both worlds.

Go Mate Balance puts you in control. Whether you need greater focus and a sustained energy uplift that our Awake drink provides, or you want to recharge and reset with Relax, you can do it all with Balance.

Our Go Mate Yerba Mate based natural energy drinks are a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugar-laden, artificial energy drinks on the market. Made with 100% natural ingredients and a special blend of natural nootropics and essential yerba mate extract, you won’t find any artificial nonsense in our drinks.

With no gas and no added sugar, our yerba mate natural functional drinks include only natural organic fruit juices, natural nootropics derived from super plants and the yerba mate plant. Go Mate Awake increases mental clarity, alertness, and productivity, allowing you to benefit from increased performance and long-term focus. Go Mate Relax helps remove anxiety and calms your body and mind allowing you to unwind and recharge.

If you’re fed up with fizzy drinks, Go Mate is reminiscent of a chilled iced tea drink on a hot summer’s day or holiday. Containing only natural traces of caffeine, it’s the healthy way to power up, and it is easy to power down when you drink Relax.

Office workers, Parents, Students, Teachers, Fitness fanatics, Artists, Gamers, and just about everyone else.

The 100% natural, active ingredients in Awake are the perfect tonic for the high performer. Whether you work in a demanding role, are health conscious, or simply craving a refreshing drink that tastes great, drinking Go Mate Awake promotes brain function and long-term brain health.

When you want to chill out, unwind, and recharge your batteries Go Mate Relax will help you soothe your mind and body and bring you ultimate relaxation.
What’s in each can is listed below. You won’t find any artificial nasties here. Only 100% natural brain-friendly goodness!

What’s In Awake:
• Yerba mate infusion - for a healthy & sustained energy boost.
• Maca extract - for improved cognition and memory.
• Cacao Husk (Theobromine) - for a healthy heart.
• Lemon juice - for a refreshing zing.
• Grape juice - for a little sweetness.

What’s In Relax:
• Yerba mate infusion - to promote relaxation, improved mood & sleep health.
• Gotu Kola - to increase blood flow and re-energise the brain.
• Lemon Balm - to improve focus and cognition, reduce stress & promote calm.
• Passionfruit juice - for a healthy dose of nutrients and antioxidants.
• Grape juice - for a little sweetness.

Join our 100% natural energy drink revolution today and discover how to make Go Mate work for you!
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Check out the incredible feedback we’re getting already.

You can enjoy the benefits of both Awake and Relax in one super handy, convenient 12-can pack.

Our customers obviously approve as our Balance pack is our best seller. Awake and Relax are our two powerful drinks that offer very different benefits and combine their power to create Balance:

AWAKE: Flavoured with zingy natural lemon, Awake helps you to feel alive, stay focused, think fast, and achieve full mental clarity, leaving you prepared for whatever life throws at you, whether that’s at work, in the gym, or in a virtual gaming world. Conquer it all with Awake.

RELAX: The soothing passionfruit flavour helps you to wind down and recharge, relaxing your mind and body to take time out for yourself. The calming powers of Relax help remove anxiety, to settle the nerves and even help you get to sleep.

Need another reason to choose Balance? You’ll only find 100% natural ingredients here, from the Yerba Mate and Nootropics we use to the fruit juice that gets poured into a can. You won’t find any added synthetic nasties in our drinks. Oh, and they’re just 12 calories per can, meaning you can enjoy them as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Don’t delay. Get your hands on yours today!

Yerba mate and nootropics

Our drinks combine the natural South American magic of Yerba Mate with a botanical blend of natural mind-friendly nootropics to give you energy or help you chill out.
Yerba Mate is a traditional herbal tea made from the leaves and stems of the Yerba Mate plant – it’s packed full of health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is sugar-free, low-calorie, and features natural caffeine to power your mind and body.

That’s not all – Yerba Mate also contains sleep-friendly qualities such as magnesium and B vitamins to help you wind down.

We combine powerful Yerba Mate with 100% Natural Nootropics found in plants that have been proven to improve cognitive function, focus, and creativity.

We selected our Nootropics with two goals in mind:

• To improve cognition and focus
• To reduce stress and help you unwind

The totally awesome plant-powered Nootropics in the Balance package include Gotu Kola to re-energise the brain, Maca Root to enhance cognitive function, Lemon Balm to reduce stress and unwind, and Cacao Husk (theobromine) to promote a healthy heart.

Bring your A-game with Awake. Sip on the refreshingly zingy lemon iced tea-style flavour. Powered by brain-boosting Natural Nootropics and magical Yerba Mate, Awake delivers next-level focus, mental clarity, and performance to take your productivity up a notch. Make every move matter with Awake.
Take rest and relaxation seriously with Relax. Leave the buzz of the world behind when you experience the passion fruit pleasure of Relax. Each can is packed full of mind-friendly nootropics that are designed to help you wind down and stay calm after a busy day at work, a heavy workout, or a gaming session. Enjoy a better night’s sleep and a fast recovery to allow you to tackle tomorrow head-on.
Whether you’re a gamer, worker, or gym rat, finding balance in your life is oh-so-important. If you’re working towards a tight deadline, trying to get a new personal best, or working hard to level up, you need rest to perform at your best and for your mind and body to deliver peak performance and results. Awake and Relax are the perfect balance to fuel your work, play, and restoration.


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