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The story begins hundreds of years ago in the rainforests of South America, where the indigenous people of what’s now modern day Paraguay used the leaves of a magical little holly bush called Yerba Mate to create a legendary infusion rich in antioxidants and nutrients. From the sacred spiritual and medicinal practices of the Guarani tribe to Yerba’s unique benefits for modern day athletes, we’re helping write the next chapter in the story of this incredible plant.

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brewed correctly

Brewed correctly, Yerba Mate generates a healthy and sustained energy boost - through a slower release of caffeine - that produces in drinkers a sense of alert wakefulness. It can also give a boost to your short-term memory recall and reaction times. Perfect for anyone who needs to perform at their optimal level for intense periods.

incredible infusion

But this incredible infusion doesn’t just help increase mental energy and improve mood and focus. It also contains natural compounds that help with relaxation and promote a deeper, better quality of sleep. Which is why we use Yerba Mate in both of our unique all-natural energy drink blends to help you game healthier and smarter.

Messi, Suarez, Agüero:

can you spot the odd one out, mate?

No you can’t - because there isn’t one. They all drink Yerba Mate before and after matches to boost energy and optimise performance. We’re talking elite athletes making split second decisions at the highest level, knowing that one wrong move can be the difference between success and failure. Sound familiar? For digital athletes, Yerba Mate is the nutrient-rich key to start your body working healthier and more efficiently - so join the Yerba revolution with Go Mate now!

Awake front can
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think fast & stay focused longer
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For a healthy power-down:
recharge, unwind & rebalance
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Awake front can
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