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Everything You Need To Know About Functional Drinks

Everything You Need To Know About Functional Drinks

Functional drinks are taking the world by storm at the moment. You might have heard of the phrase but are unsure what functional drinks are. However, wonder no more as we’ve put together this handy guide to everything you need to know about these drinks.

Functional drinks tend to be healthier than traditional fizzy and energy-style drinks and are popular with those looking for alternatives to these kinds of drinks and those interested in drinks that provide natural health benefits.
Sports and performance drinks, energy drinks, teas, smart drinks, fruit juices, plant milk, and enhanced waters are all examples of functional beverages. They are often high in vitamins and minerals and promise to bring all sorts of wellness and energy benefits to consumption.

This blog post covers the following:
What is a functional drink?
Functional drink examples
If functional drinks are worth it


What Is a Functional Drink?



Functional drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that aim to deliver health benefits as well as taste and hydration. These types of drinks have been around for a long time in the form of sports recovery drinks that athletes drank throughout the mid to late 1900s to help restore their bodies of water, salts, and carbs after strenuous activity.

The functional drinks market has grown since then, with more and more drinks coming to the market boasting various health, wellness, and performance benefits to be enjoyed by non-athletes as well.

Recently, functional drinks are becoming increasingly aligned with the alcohol-free section of the drinks market, with some even having mood and performance-enhancing qualities to aid wellbeing. They tend to include ingredients like electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs, fruits, probiotics and have low or no sugar and few or no artificial ingredients.

There is a functional drink for just about any requirement these days, including the following:

  • Energy boosting
  • Improved performance
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Aid sleep and relaxation
  • Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Heart health
  • Recovery
  • Joint health


Examples of Functional Drinks


In simple terms, your morning cup of tea or coffee can be classed as a functional drink because they contain antioxidants and natural caffeine to boost your body. However, here are some other examples of functional drinks that are available today, all boasting different benefits to be enjoyed and sold in an easy ready-to-drink format.

Natural Energy Drinks
Natural drinks with energy-boosting qualities are a good example of a healthy, functional drink that acts as an alternative to regular energy drinks that can leave the drinker feeling sluggish after they consume them. But just how do they work?

If you want to try a natural energy-style drink in the form of iced tea, look no further than our Go Mate Awake drink. With no added sugar, gas, or caffeine, the 100% natural yerba mate tea infusion and the blend of brain-hacking nootropics contain all the natural goodness that you need to power through the day. Yerba mate is a South American tea known for its gentle energy-boosting qualities, providing you with a lift when needed.

Drinks with an infusion of health and wellness boosting botanicals are becoming the go-to option for the health-conscious. They contain plants and herbs that have natural health-boosting benefits. Not only are they good for you, but they add flavour to the drinks too. Examples of popular botanicals include turmeric for joints and digestion, maca root for brain function, and cacao husk (theobromine) for heart health.

Fortified Juices
Juices that have added vitamins and minerals are considered functional drinks. Vegetable and fruit juices contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, the addition of extras fortifies them.

Protein Shakes
Protein shakes are great for ensuring you hit your nutritional goals and are frequently used for weight management and to help build muscle. They often contain added essential vitamins and minerals so consumers can get all the nutrients they need, making them a smart choice for a balanced lifestyle.

Sports Drinks
We’ve already mentioned them, but sports drinks containing electrolytes promise to restore the body of all the salts lost during heavy exercise to help aid recovery and reduce energy slumps and the body going into shock. One of the original functional drinks, sports drinks are essential for all sorts of athletes, whether they enjoy running, cycling, or playing a game on the pitch.


Do They Work?


Whether or not a functional drink works will depend on the individual and the benefits they wish to gain. Drinks containing added vitamins and minerals will always be welcome to any healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Natural energy drinks like ours that contain a herbal botanical blend of yerba mate tea and mind-boosting nootropics are the perfect beverage to provide you with a mental boost. You’ll also benefit from added clarity, focus, and productivity when at work, exercising, or gaming without the extreme lows of a crash associated with traditional energy drinks.

When you follow Awake with our Relax drink, you’ll be able to unwind and enjoy blissful rest to keep your body and mind at their A-game.

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