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Awake front can
Yerba mate • Maca root • Cacao husk (Theobromine) • Lemon juice • Grape juice
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Awake front can
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Awake front can
Yerba mate • Gotu kola • Lemon balm • Passion fruit juice •
Grape juice

Gabriel S.

“Go Mate is the right choice to me, a high-quality product that contains natural, nutrient-rich ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives.”


“My new all-natural drinks system helps you train hard and rest hard the healthy way! clean, subtle taste, zero gas, zero sugar, and zero nasty chemicals!”

ex-professional footballer

man city, barcelona, argentina

Sara w.

“I choose to drink Go Mate before my games to help me improving my performance. Go Mate drinks help increase my energy levels, improve my focus and concentration, and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.”


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