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Go Mate Gaming

Our mission to provide the gaming world with good energy doesn’t end with our drinks. We host loads of amateur tournaments for cash prizes, scroll down to see more!


Go Mate Gaming X Challengermode

Go Mate is teaming up with Challengermode to bring the gaming community new competitive opportunities. Join our daily tournaments where you can prove your skills. The best of the best can win big in our monthly ladders. With a total prize pool of €6,000 you don’t want to miss out, so register now!

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Dutiful Deathmatch

Grab your sweatbands and a mate for our 2v2 Warzone 2.0 tournament every Friday. Drop in and decimate. Most kills win so make sure that the custom class is meta!

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Savage Sunday

Squad up or solo queue into our weekly 5v5 Valorant tournament. Win the tournament to prove your worth and earn yourself some cold hard cash!

Rocket League
Go Get Boost

Our Rocket League 2v2 tournaments run three times a week so grab a mate or que solo and get ready to bag some goals. THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE (at its very best)!

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League of Legends
Path to Power

Prove your skills and take part in our 5v5 League of Legends tournaments every Wednesday. Choose the right champion and become the Last Mate Standing to win big!

Go Mate Gaming Ladders

Any time you play on our space, you earn yourself points for our leaderboard. Everyone who participates in our tournaments will earn points for that game's leaderboard. The top 16 players on each game at the end of the season will earn a ticket to our seasonal invitationals. Our seasonal invitationals come with our biggest single event prize pool yet!

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