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Taster Pack

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Looking for Awake or Relax?
Sustained energy and focus. Rest and recovery. You’ll find the perfect balance with our delicious brain boosting taster pack. Whether you need to work hard, rest hard or simply crave great tasting, low cal refreshment, give Go Mate a go for a healthy approach to high performance.
Practice makes perfect, but so does an epic night’s sleep! Our Balance pack gives you the flexibility and control you need to choose your own performance destiny - one great-tasting drink at a time.

Awake’s perfectly blended, all-natural ingredients are designed to help give you the healthy energy and natural brain-hacking goodness you need for a better you.

It contains:
Yerba Mate - for a healthy & sustained brain boost.
Maca Root - for improved cognition and memory.
Cacao Husk (Theobromine) - for a healthy heart.
Lemon Juice - for a refreshing zing.
Grape Juice - for a little sweetness.

And with Relax, you can help your mind & body regain balance and find a healthy calm after an intense session.

It contains:
Yerba Mate - to promote relaxation, improved mood & sleep health.
Gotu Kola- to increase blood flow and re-energise the brain.
Lemon Balm - to improve focus and cognition, reduce stress & promote calm.
Passion Fruit Juice - for a healthy dose of nutrients and antioxidants.
Grape Juice - for a little sweetness.
Yerba Mate infusion
Maca extract
Cacao Husk (Theobromine)
Lemon Juice
Grape juice
Caffeine (from Cacao Beans)
Stevia Tea infusion

Yerba Mate infusion
Gotu Kola
Lemon Balm
Passion Fruit Juice
Grape Juice
Stevia Tea infusion
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Check out the incredible feedback we’re getting already.

Split second decisions and lightning fast reactions: digital athletes of the world unite! Awake is a unique blend of epic, brain-friendly nootropics and next-level Yerba Mate energy to give you that all-natural gaming edge. It’s total focus and sustained power - because every move you make matters.
Every elite athlete needs to prioritise rest and relaxation - especially digital athletes! Relax’s blend of all-natural, brain-friendly nootropics, stress-relieving botanicals and Yerba Mate allows you to hit the reset button after an epic session. Better quality of sleep, faster recovery and total balance between body and mind - a healthy power down for the next-level.
At Go Mate, we treat gamers like the athletes they really are. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that balance is EVERYTHING. So whether you’re building up to face the next challenge, or recovering from a heavy gaming session, we’re here with the healthy fuel your body needs to operate at its peak performance. Awake and Relax: the perfect balance for better gaming.


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