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Ancient Wisdom

East meets West. South American Yerba Mate energy and ancient Chinese brain-hacking nootropics: two powerful worlds combine to form the ultimate, all-natural blend of botanicals and organic fruits that makes Go Mate the perfect smart drinks for high performance.

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the secret

The secret to our all-powerful blend lies in the combination of thousands of years of lived experience. Ancient tribes and Buddhist monks who built the foundations of their health and happiness on the plants, herbs and fruits that grew all around them. We’re continuing that powerful legacy with Go Mate - creating energy drinks that provide the unbeatable good energy you need to thrive in your own gaming universe.
Total balance and control. Sustained focus. And your mind and body in perfect harmony. Sounds good, right?

level up

Our entirely natural combination of Yerba Mate and nootropics gives you some pretty incredible powers. And you’re in good company: some of the world’s all-time greatest South American footballers have been tapping into the awesome power of Yerba for years. Want to play better, think faster and recover quicker, just like them? Go Mate’s here for you, and it’s time to level up!

Do you enjoy crawling into work on two hours sleep, just because a bunch of chemicals in a can kept you wired enough to game all night?

no mate!

Is it a good look when the sun comes up on a beautiful new day, and you’re sat there shaking in your gaming chair trying to beat the world’s lowest high score?

No Mate!

Remember that time you fell asleep on the bus and a group of school kids filmed you drooling down the window?

Yes Mate!

Go Mate is different because our ultimate goal is to create a community of totally awesome, healthy gamers - so we’re putting digital athletes like you at the heart of everything we do. And our message is pretty simple: the power really is in the blend! We’ve mixed you up two totally awesome, 100% natural brain-boosting drinks: one to help provide energy and focus when you play, and one to create calm and harmony when you need to recharge. Awake and Relax. Power up and power down. Fortnite and Fortday.

..OK, maybe not that last one.

Go Mate is the perfect blend of natural leaves, herbs and fruits - for gamers who want to perform at their very best. You’re welcome, mate - now go be amazing!

Awake front can
Power-up for sustained performance:
think fast & stay focused longer
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Awake front can
For a healthy power-down:
recharge, unwind & rebalance
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Awake front can
Power up or power down
as you need it
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